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This is a quick few questions I would like you to answer so that I can establish if you are a good fit for the mentoring group and for the Awakened Entrepreneurs Mastermind Program.

The goal is to ensure we have a balanced group of like-minded people who support and lift each other to exponential success.

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Yes Heather,

I confirm I want to partner with you and gain full access to your coaching, mentoring, network, guidance and expertise as a Member of Awakened Entrepreneurs Mastermind in 2024.

I understand that you will use this application to select the ideal group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are committed to wealth, freedom and well-being, and that you will let me know within 7 business days whether I’ve been selected for the group.





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Please provide you Name, email address, and Shipping Address,.

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Please provide your website address, Birthday and telephone number

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Please let me know how you prefer to be contacted.

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I understand that I will be charged a REFUNDABLE deposit of $250 to demonstrate my commitment and reserve my place in Awakened Entrepreneurs Mastermind Program.

If I am not accepted, this deposit will be immediately refunded.




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Please choose your desired payment plan:


OPTION #1: If accepted, apply my £500.00 deposit to my first payment of £1,500 due May 4th 2024. I understand I will have 3 equal monthly payments of £1500 beginning June 4, 2024, and ending Aug 4, 2024.


OPTION #2: If accepted, apply my £500 deposit to my £6,000 payment due May 4, 2024

About Your Business

Please provide the following details about your business so we can get the best from working together and to see if we are a good fit at this time...

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Describe Your Business As it is Right Now...

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How do you currently market your business?

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What is your current turn over?

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What is your income goal for the next 12 months?

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What are the 3 biggest obstacles preventing you from taking your business to the next level?

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What is the current size of your email list?

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What is the current size of your social media following?

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What was your gross sales in 2022 and 2023 respectively?

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Do you have any questions?

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