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Feeling confused, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed?
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Coaching May 2024

With uncertainty, accelerated change and chaos occurring globally, technologically, locally and individually, it's not surprising entrepreneurs are feeling the pressure.

Making time now, to get the right support could be the best investment you make this year...
...AND provide you with the clarity, confidence, focus and resources you need to take the right action to future proof your business during uncertain times.

This is a unique opportunity to take a step back and to decide the best next steps to achieve long-term, breakthrough results in your business this year, at a super-affordable, once only, investment.


Maybe you are struggling with finances, fear, stress or anxiety.
Together, let us lift that weight from your shoulders and help you see beyond the blocks and limitations. Let's dissolve blind spots and discover a way forward where you are empowered with inner strength, clarity, joy, ease and grace.


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If you are feeling overworked, overwhelmed, uncertain of your direction and the best way to proceed or pivot in your business, take this chance to step back and explore.

Discover new opportunities, strategies, growth options and devise simple, yet powerful action steps that get you to that next level of consistent success.

For May 2024 only, I am offering 1-1 sessions at over 50% the usual investment.

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May 2024: 1-1 Coaching

An opportunity to explore your challenges, gain clarity, release the stress, and create a plan that works for you.

  • Do you want to¬†take back control in your life and business?¬†
  • Would more clarity and direction help?
  • Are¬†you struggling attracting clients, creating copy or closing sales? Is the tech overwhelming or cash-flow stalling and you want to explore options, new strategies, growth choices, or possibilities you may not have thought of?¬†
  • Would you like assistance to identifying next powerful steps?

Drop me an email at¬†[email protected]¬†to reserve your spot or use the contact form by clicking the button below.

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Investment and Times For 1-1 Business Coaching Slots

  • For Thursday and Fridays in¬†May 2024 only, I am offering 1-1,¬†90 Minute sessions for ¬£147¬† (more than 50% off my usual fee).
  • Sessions are available on mornings between 9.30 and 12.30 and afternoons between 1 and 4.30 pm, for Advanced Business Coaching.¬†
  • Pre and post session work included (send me some info in advance) - so we can be laser focused during the session on getting you remarkable results.¬†


May 2024 Coffee & Coaching

Give our mini-mastermind coaching a try with our small group, low priced, big value Tuesday sessions

  • Bring your business challenges to a safe, confidential space and easily move through uncertainty, gain clarity and identify¬†'Game Changing' takeaways¬†
  • Max 4 online business owners
  • It‚Äôs an excellent way to receive one on one and peer help in a safe, confidential, relaxed, group setting and get a taster of mastermind coaching and how I work.
  • Beginning on Tuesday 7th¬†May 2024 - 7 pm (BST)¬†‚Äď we work with what‚Äôs front of mind in the room.¬†
  • Investment ¬£47. Advanced Booking is Essential. ¬†

Drop me an email at [email protected]¬†to reserve your spot or use the contact form by clicking the button below.

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Who is Heather Masters?

Business and Tech

I have over 25 years in tech for the financial services and professional services consultancy industries, from trainee to VP. I love disruptive and innovative technologies, especially those that empower SME's and Entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and free up their time.

Coaching Qualifications...

I first qualified as a coach in 2004, when I coached on an award winning project to help Women in Business in minority groups, using coaching and NLP.
I went on to qualify in Business and Executive coaching with B/Coach and in 2008 qualified as a trainer of NLP, NLP Coaching and Time Line therapy techniques. I am an NLP Master Coach and hypnosis Master Practitioner. I also use intuitive coaching to help you get the results you want.

I've created the unique 'Simplified Success' system that combines these powerful, advanced practices, with focused steps to support you to achieve your dreams.

If you want to know a little more about me...

More About Heather

What customers are saying...

‚ÄúWorking with Heather made me look completely differently at my business, she challenged my approach to its future, gave me new skills which allowed me to think BIG when it came to its future, its people and its clients and focused me on creating tangible short and long terms goals. Heather's fabulous coaching skills allowed me to make real tangible progress, progress when I didn't know how to or have the relevant knowledge.¬†.‚ÄĚ

Helen Shepherd

‚Äú my experience in working with her over many years, both in a technical and psychological capacity, but her number one skill I think, is her ease to be able to help people overcome their fears and fulfil their desires, through her ability to listen and assess their situation, analyse it and then direct them towards a meaningful solution ‚Äď she is someone you can trust to help, should you need it..‚ÄĚ


Shelagh Fairbank

"She looked at what I wanted from my perspective and came up with something that I really like and, of course, she knows her stuff technologically. She‚Äôs a good mix of techy, listening, understanding and putting herself in your shoes. Highly recommended!‚ÄĚ






Mayella Maxwell



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