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Sunday Newsletter - Future Proof Your Dreams

business coaching business tips life hacks newsletter success tips Jun 02, 2024

Hello and Happy Sunday! And Happy June!

I hope you have sunshine and blossoms and blooms and blessings to count this weekend.

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I am drinking an instant coffee (sacrilege) and pondering the powerful lessons that I have been lucky enough to learn this week.

“There is only success or a lesson”.

Are You Rejecting Your Gifts?

Today I wanted to explore how many of us hide our light, our greatness, our gift and deny our natural ability. Natural ability often means that something comes easier to you than it does to others. I have noticed that there are usually those who embrace this, dive in, hone their craft, do what they love, live it and thrive.

Then there are others (I include myself here), who ignore, overlook, deny their gift(s).

For example, I run a Creative Writing group on Facebook which hit 9000 members this week. I deny that I am good enough to run this group. After all, I am not a Creative writer – I keep telling myself.
Then someone in the group asked – ‘How did I develop my interest in writing?’

A lightbulb went off!! Something I had never really acknowledged because it would go against that belief that ‘I’, am not a creative writer’.

I started writing because I loved reading. I loved stories. I loved the invitation to export myself to a different reality just by picking up a book.
I remember that I wrote my first proper story at fours years of age. I submitted to my teacher and was asked if I had copied it from a book. That memory is really vivid. Yet I have spent years denting it.

My work life has moved me into business and technical writing as part of my roles in IT and Business Management and Marketing.
I am now spending some of my time as a Freelance Technical Content Creator as well as creating copy, course, content and marketing materials for my own coaching/training business.

When I submit my bid for technical writing work I have been putting down 5-10 years’ experience in technical writing.
Again, it was this week that I realised I had been lying to myself. I started my IT career writing technical specs and full life-cycle documentation, way back in July 1991. That’s almost thirty-three years!

And I have been telling myself I don’t have the experience, I am not a writer, I am not good enough.

My decision from all of this is to market my writing skills more confidently and more often. Just think of the roles I have denied myself with this limited thinking.

I am passionate about coaching and helping others see the blind spots in their lives and business, yet all of this time I have denied my gift and been blind to a huge error in my own thinking.

  • Where have you been lying to yourself?

  • What’s the gift that you have been denying?

  • What’s your ‘thing’ and how are you using it?

I am continuing to lean into getting to know myself and where I am hiding. It’s quite challenging to go into the shadows and allow myself to be all of who I am. It’s an on going process. One I feel is so necessary right now as the crumbling of the old escalates.

I can only really assist my clients if I have done the work for myself. I do feel helping others navigate these extraordinary times and show up on purpose, is part of why I am here.

What is your calling right now? Have you explored? Do you know?


This Weeks Business Boost

The Power of Future Proofing Your Income

In an era where global systems are teetering on the brink of meltdown, futureproofing your income or online business is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

As the digital deluge threatens to engulf the unprepared, it's time to batten down the hatches and fortify your virtual fortress. Embrace the mantra of "Adapt or Perish," and embark on a journey of strategic resilience.

Diversify your revenue streams, cultivate a loyal community, and harness the power of emerging technologies.

Invest in robust cybersecurity measures, ensuring your digital assets remain impregnable.

Foster agility and innovation, staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving landscape.

Remember, the future belongs to those who anticipate and master the challenges of tomorrow.

Here are some ways to futureproof your online business and your income, and thrive amidst the chaos:

✤ Emphasize Digital Presence

  • Ramp up your digital marketing efforts as consumers spend more time online during recessions. Pay attention to copywriting skills.

  • Refine your website making it clear and user friendly, optimize SEO, ensure mobile responsiveness.

  • Produce high-quality content to position your brand as an industry leader. Take the opportunity to go really deep in your content for your niche, in order to highlight your mastery and differentiate your brand.

✤ Prioritize Value Over Price

  • Instead of competing solely on price, highlight the unique value, benefits, and exceptional customer service your offerings provide. I am putting together a mini course because I think this is an often-misunderstood part of an offer – focusing on benefits rather than features or the how of it.

  • Communicate how your product/service meets customer needs better than competitors. Dig deep to differentiate yourself.

✤ Invest in Technology and Innovation:

  • Leverage technology to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experience. Look at project management software, CRM’s or keeping it simple with Google docs. But put systems and processes in place as soon as you can to have a basis on which to grow and improve.

  • Foster a culture of innovation to adapt to changing market dynamics, AI and the shift to Web3 and Blockchain based solutions.

  • Continuously seek new ways to create value and differentiate your business. Become the go to person/business in your space, while exploring ways to offer deeper and broader solutions.

✤ Build a Strong Online Presence

  • Develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy across channels like SEO, social media, content marketing, and especially in your own marketing funnel. Focus on a deep and congruent message, so there is no doubt about your brand, what you offer and why people should work with you.

  • Invest in a user-friendly, mobile-responsive, on-brand website as your digital storefront. Again, focus on your message and copy to best serve your prospects and differentiate yourself form the noise.

✤ Diversify Revenue Streams

  • Explore new products, services or markets to reduce reliance on a single income source. Get creative and look for ways to innovate, disrupt, perspective shift, and transform thinking.

  • Identify opportunities to generate recurring revenue models – create once and sell many (PDF’s, Courses, Audio, Video, branded merchandise, affiliate sales, collaborations and more).

By focusing on these strategies, online businesses and individuals can strengthen their resilience, maintain competitiveness, and position themselves for long-term income opportunities and growth despite economic pressures.

This was also the topic of my Friday Features Live on Rumble:-
You can watch that here:-
Rumble - Friday Features 

Choosing Happy Podcast Update

A reminder that the podcast is now published on Thursday mornings so that I’m not clashing with lives and other content.

It’s the 69th Episode of the Choosing Happy Podcast this week, and you can access it on Thursday 6th June 2024 – This week’s episode is all about Thriving Through Change and Celebrating Growth – How to Embrace Change, Growing Through Adversity, Celebrating Wins and Maintaining a Happiness Mindset.

All previous episodes are available…
You can listen on your favourite podcast host or on the website at


Also, before I go, 2 quick things:

#1 – New for June is a series of short, easy to digest workshops – Future Proofing Your Online Empire – the first workshop is scheduled for release on Friday 7th June and focuses on exploring content repurposing, diversifying your services and choosing 3 ways to create extra income in your business this month (June 2024).

I will email the details out soon.

#2 – I am offering new copywriting packages this month, the first being a tailored ‘Nurture Sequence’. These are emails aimed at welcoming your new subscribers and introducing them to your world, your brand and your unique services/products. The aim is to build know, like and trust and introduce them to a low priced offer so they can experience you first hand.

Drop me a line if you would like to know more.

That's it for this week!

I wish you peace, creativity, laugh out loud moments, courage, resilience, and protection during these days.
May love, and healing surround you.
May your families and friends be safe and well.

As always, the coffee and a chat offer is available, I am only an email away.

I hope you have a week blessed with opened hearted compassion, high vibes, joy filled days, amazing health, prosperity, grace and ease!


Heather V Masters

Chief Coach, Writer, Trainer and Facilitator of Magic

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

P.S. Whenever you're ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

#1: I just launched a new Coffee and Catchup Live on my YouTube and Rumble Channels (Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning – 11 am – live). I'm putting a ton of energy into creating heaps of valuable live content that I think you'll like. It’s my aim to create a healthy habit of live content that serves you. Come check out my channel, and give me a like and subscribe.

#2: Strategy Calls

As entrepreneurs, sometimes we just need an hour with another like-minded person to figure out what to focus on next. And to keep it simple. And to identify our next, impactful, action steps.

Sometimes you’re too close to figure that out for yourself.

How often do you take time out to move away from the doing in your business, and focus on the big picture, reviewing the dream and getting to the nitty gritty stuff that niggles you every day?

In the 1-1 strategy sessions I help you cut through the fog and get crystal clear on your next steps toward next level results - more clients, more sales, more effective marketing, tech clarity and simplicity – whatever it is for you.

If you are interested, drop me a message and I will send you full details and how to apply.

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