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Heather V Masters

Hi, I'm Heather V Masters 



This is my Story

Growing up in the North East of England, I often found myself sitting on the sidelines wondering why I wasn’t like everybody else.
I left home when I was 18 and pursued a career in Tech Development in Financial Services. My job took me around the country and eventually around the world.

In 2003 I decided to change my career path and trained as an Executive and NLP coach, while coaching on an award winning project for Small Businesses in London. In parallel I took trainings in the tech side of online business and marketing, and landed my first success when using my skills to market my first NLP Practitioner course in 2009.


I have delivered a variety of workshops and bespoke training to corporates, SME's and private groups. I have covered subjects from coaching, NLP, Self-confidence etc., to Project Management, Programming (Java), Social Media Marketing, 'How to..' video training and writing for SaaS, and lots in between.

I have set up and facilitated mentoring programs for SME's and I have worked one on one with my own private clients to get them the results they want in their lives.


More of My Journey...

Like many, I have had my own personal struggles and losses, from the sudden death of my soulmate, caring for both of my parents until they died, financial and business losses and more. The one thing I have learned is Life Happens to all of us. How we engage with loss, grief and change is crucial to creating our next chapter. Working with someone who can relate is powerful.

After struggling with my personal losses, limiting patterns and to feel like I genuinely belonged, I decided it was time to break free from my limitations and step into the person I was always meant to be — confident, a mature geek, playful yet focused, and free to live the life I’ve always imagined. 

I embarked on a deeper, 'advanced' journey within, experiencing a range of spiritual and 'woowoo' techniques that shifted my life. I am currently embodying Intuitive and alchemical techniques and weaving them into my coaching, facilitation, courses and workshops. Facilitating Magic!

With the changes in the world in past few years I am compelled to work with people and businesses who see the truth and want to create a new path for themselves; to live into their purpose, using their natural talents, intuition and greatness.

I’ve turned my Business and personal transformation journeys into easy-to-follow systems that anyone can use to unlock their potential and start creating a magical life they love, free from limitations.

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If you have any questions drop me a message at [email protected]  

Wishing you blessings, true soul happiness and a life filled with love, joy and magic.


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