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Sunday Newsletter - "Prove Them Wrong" - A Message From My Father

business coaching business tips life hacks newsletter success tips Jun 16, 2024

Hello and Happy Sunday! And Happy Father’s Day!

It’s a bittersweet day for me.

I cared for my father for the last 3 years of his life and I miss having an opportunity to sit on a Saturday evening, with a glass of something cold and ‘put the world to rights’.

He died in 2016. Sometimes it seems like yesterday.
I do believe I see him in the occasional robin that literally steps into my path so I can’t avoid it. It’s like he’s reminding me to be strong.
One of his favourite sayings was ‘when it looks like things are going wrong and others disagree with you, prove them wrong and yourself right’.

That’s been the theme of the week for me, and I think a theme for the world…
Irrespective of how everything looks, how do we prove it/them/the world wrong and create a life and world we want?

More of that later.

I hope you are sharing beautiful and memorable moments with the father-figures in your world today. Are you taking a moment to grab a beverage and a break from the excitement?

Me? I’m sipping on an Earl Grey and nibbling on an Oat biscuit as I pen this on what’s turned out to be, a rainy afternoon.

Here are the powerful lessons that I have been lucky enough to learn this week.

“Prove them wrong”.

Are You Making Excuses for Why Things Aren’t Changing?

This hits close to home for me. I feel like I have been working so hard to generate the changes I want to see in my life and my business and am just not getting the results I had hoped for. I don’t appear to be making the difference I want to make.

This week I have been forced to step back and identify the areas where I am making excuses for myself, as unconscious as they may be.
Here are two powerful Lessons About ‘Being the Change’

1) I watched a YouTube video the other day from ‘Bashar’, a channelled entity. Whether you believe in the messenger is irrelevant when the message hits home (IMO).
He was talking about looking in the mirror and seeing your reflection without a smile on its face.
He was saying that expecting the outside world to change while you don’t, is like expecting your reflection to smile before you do.

How powerful is that?

2) This is from the magnificent and legendary Jim Rohn.
I listened to a powerful, short podcast recording of a clip from one of Jim’s talks on Change. Where he says, “The only way it gets better is if you get better”.

I think we are definitely in days where we may look outside of ourselves and wish for it to be better. That’s why I found this so timely and impactful. I personally feel I am being beaten in to submission about choosing what I would like to see in my life and the world, and more importantly what I need to do about myself in order to create those outcomes.

“Use it or lose it – whatever you do not employ you forfeit.”
“Hoping for things to change doesn’t work. For things to change you must change”.
And you are being called to do this while coming to terms with the truth that “All good will be attacked on this planet” – “You’ve got to learn to prevent the intruder from taking all the good”.
“Every garden will be invaded, not to think so is naïve”
“Everything can happen. Anything can happen. But it’s not the happenings, it’s what you do about the happenings…”

The takeaway questions he asks…
“Starting tomorrow what are you going to do that will make a change in your life’s direction?
…Starting tomorrow, what are you going to do that is going to make a difference?
If you don’t do something tomorrow that is going to make a difference, guess what?
It’s going to be the same!”

Here’s the link to the podcast so you can listen to the full 13-minute extract:
Podcast Episode - Jim Rohn

I am planning the things I can do differently, and how to make the changes inside that will change the reflection in the mirror, starting today, not tomorrow. The world needs our change and our difference making, right now, in my opinion. No matter how small. Little steps can make a big impact. Thin of having a mosquito in your room as a great metaphor.

What will you change? What difference will you make? When will you start?


 This Weeks Business Boost


Getting Creative, and Out-Performing AI to Future Proofing Your Business

 Continuing with the ‘Future-Proofing’ theme as the world continues to spiral forward into massive change, turmoil and technological advancement, a lightbulb moment for me over recent weeks has been the importance of the human aspect of business, content and communication, that if done right, will guarantee the longevity of your products, services and ultimately your business.

I covered this briefly in my livestreams this week, and I believe it’s worth repeating here:

✤ The 3 Hidden Consequences and Benefits of AI for Entrepreneurs

The rise of artificial intelligence has disrupted nearly every industry, including the world of entrepreneurship and online business. While AI offers many powerful tools and efficiencies, it has also raised the bar for entrepreneurs in some unexpected ways.

1. Deeper Audience Connection Required

With AI handling more automated tasks like content creation, ad targeting, and customer service, entrepreneurs can no longer rely on surface-level marketing tactics to attract customers. AI has made it easier to reach people, but building a real connection is now paramount.

Entrepreneurs must truly understand their audience's needs, pain points, and desires at a deeper level. Showing up authentically, being vulnerable, and creating genuine relationships are essential to stand out in an AI-driven world. Faceless businesses get drowned out by the noise.

2. Radical Transparency Needed

In the age of AI, customers are more sceptical than ever of businesses just trying to make a quick sale. They can smell inauthenticity from a mile away. Entrepreneurs must operate with radical transparency - being upfront about their offerings, pricing, processes, and core values.

Seeing sales as a service and coming from the perspective of knowing that your service can truly make a difference in your prospect’s life, will give you the passion and conviction to deliver that message to your potential client.

AI has given customers an abundance of information and choices at their fingertips. The only way to earn their trust and loyalty is through complete transparency and honesty in all business dealings. Any whiff of shadiness will send customers running to a competitor.

3. Solutions Must Truly Deliver Results

With AI automating and optimizing so many processes, customers now have higher expectations than ever before. They demand solutions that are highly effective, convenient, and personalized to their needs. They are looking for the results that they want, that resonate and, even better, exceed their expectations. Businesses can no longer get by on overhyped, mediocre offerings.

Entrepreneurs must focus on creating products and services that genuinely get results for their customers. Whether it's through AI-powered personalization, superior quality, or best-in-class support, businesses must overdeliver on their promises in an AI-driven market.

In many ways, AI has raised the barrier for entrepreneurial success in the online space. But those who can adapt by deeply connecting with their audience, operating transparently, and obsessing over delivering true results will be positioned to thrive in this new era

This was also the topic of my Friday Features Live on Rumble:-
You can watch that here:-
Rumble - Friday Features

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That's it for this week!

I wish you peace, creativity, laugh out loud moments, courage, resilience, and protection during these days.
May love, and healing surround you.
May your families and friends be safe and well.

As always, the coffee and a chat offer is available, I am only an email away.

I hope you have a week blessed with opened hearted compassion, high vibes, joy filled days, amazing health, prosperity, grace and ease!


Heather V Masters

Chief Coach, Writer, Trainer and Facilitator of Magic

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