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Sunday Newsletter - Taking Notice to Save Your Future

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Sunday Newsletter

Hello and Happy Sunday!

I hope this finds you enjoying the perfect Sunday, whatever that looks like for you.

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Me? I’m appreciating some quiet time, a fab cup of coffee, snoring dogs and the pleasure of writing to you.

This week I have experienced a deepening in my learning about life, being human and business. I think there are a couple of things worth sharing that may help you in the chocolate box of life.

This is what I’m going to cover this week:

1. Life, spirit, and mind mastery – Expanding your capacity to thrive.

2. Business Boost– 7 Uncommon Steps to Future-proofing your business (part 2).

Future-proofing small businesses is front of mind for me now as I observe the rise of new technology and the death of the Petrodollar (and so much more).

A huge shift is upon us. I hope the information I share helps you in your life and business, to navigate the ongoing transformation of our world.

“Everything Happens for Your Benefit”.

Do you have the capacity required for your life?

This question of capacity came up for me at least three times this week, so I paid attention to it.

You see I had a big lightbulb moment around my best work and the work I love and I was really excited, motivated, passionate to begin.

Then within 24 hours I was coming up with all the reasons ‘I can’t do it’, ‘it won’t work’, ‘it’s not what I really want after all’.


I attended a free workshop around new ways of mastering your business and what stops people getting and sustaining the results they want.

Capacity was the answer. And it made sense. And I had heard it before when it didn’t hit home as much as it does now.

I realised, with this new business opportunity, my unconscious mind and identity did not believe I had the capacity to achieve such a ‘hairy, scary’ goal. It’s way beyond my current level of being. Or so I believe at some level.

I had read about capacity and zone of genius in Gay Hendricks book, The Big Leap (I recommend it).

What a big ‘Aha’ for me, when I acknowledge the areas where I have been struggling to up level and staying in my comfort zone, even when that comfort zone hasn’t been so comfortable.

What do I mean by Capacity?

The theory goes that we all have an ‘upper limit’. A zone of comfort and competence, where if we attempt to leap forward in that area, we will somehow self-sabotage and bring ourselves back to where we were before. Like stretching a rubber band to it’s limit and letting it go.

Does it resonate with you?

Can you identify areas in your life where you struggle to move to the next level, be it money, relationships, or happiness?

I feel it’s never been more important to address our upper-limits and to become aware of our capacity to thrive, than now.

When I cared for my parents over a 4-year period, I limited and let go of my capacity in certain areas so that I could fully focus on their day to day needs. For instance, any notion of a romantic relationship, or dream of my business was ultimately shelved. What I hadn’t anticipated was the struggle to reignite my goals in these areas because I had trained myself to limit them over such a long period of time.

As I mentioned last week about denying our gifts and natural abilities, I am sure this occurs when we have an upper limit to what we unconsciously allow for ourselves.

How do we overcome that Limit?

I love Gay’s suggestion of switching the fear to excitement and then exhilaration, by breathing into the fear, or the block as we become aware of it. This works because we tend to hold our breath when in fear. The immobilising effect of the freeze response.

I am exploring other ways to expand beyond my Upper Limit, and I invite you to grab a copy of ‘Big Leap’ for yourself.

“Things will only change when we change.”


This Weeks Business Boost

7 Uncommon Ways to Future Proofing Your Business

Keeping it short this week and adding to last week’s Business Boost - Here are seven additional and less talked about ways to Future Proof your business in the coming months.

1. Master your mind: Establish the Identity, beliefs and values that will keep you strong, resilient and adaptable in what maybe difficult circumstances.
There’s a potential for radical change on all fronts. Are you prepared to have your concept of reality shaken like a snow globe and know that you can establish new definitions that empower you and give you agency.

2. Embrace Extreme Change: Have you established a flexibility in your business and life to get creative when extreme change comes your way? Or are you resisting seeing what’s already happening in the hope you won’t be impacted? If you’re feeling fearful and overwhelmed, acknowledge it and explore ways of working through this or seeking help.

3. Become an Avid Learner: Understand that to thrive there’s lots to learn about new technology, financial system changes/proposals, how to invest safely, alternative ways of marketing to beat and use AI, Web3, new cultural shifts and impact on audience perspectives etc. Ignoring change doesn’t stop it happening. Do you have the desire or capacity to thrive in turbulent times.

4. Clarity and Alignment: Get crystal clear on your why, Identity, Purpose and your spiritual beliefs so that you have a foundation to anchor you - A north star to guide you during these times. Establish your firm foundations.

5. Expect Miracles: Expect to be guided, have unexplainable synchronicities, to have intuitive hits that you follow, and days that flow beautifully. Embrace your woo side and expect miracles. Life is happening for you.

6. Let go to let in: The past does not dictate the future and the future needs to be radically different from the past. We are not here to watch the collapse of the old simply to rebuild the same mistakes. Allow yourself to think creatively, expansively, and disruptively. Let’s create a future we are proud to build for our children.

7. You don’t have to do it alone: If you feel you want help navigating this time, you know where I am. Otherwise look out for like-minded souls and communities. Look for support circles, partnerships and cheerleaders. I think we are going to need them.

Choosing Happy Podcast Update

A reminder that the podcast is now published on Thursday mornings – last weeks podcast was delayed due to technical issues and will now be published this week. My apologies.

It’s the 69th Episode of the Choosing Happy Podcast this week, and you can access it on Thursday 13th June 2024 – This week’s episode is all about Thriving Through Change and Celebrating Growth – How to Embrace Change, Growing Through Adversity, Celebrating Wins and Maintaining a Happiness Mindset.

All previous episodes are available…
You can listen on your favourite podcast host or on the website at

Also, before I go, 2 quick things:



#1 – New for June is a series of short, easy to digest workshops – Future Proofing Your Online Empire – the next workshop is scheduled for release on Friday 14th June and focuses on exploring the collapse of the financial systems (e.g. Petrodollar, currency debasement, banking failures) and how you can protect yourself from potential loss (June 2024).

I will email the details out soon.

#2 – I am offering new copywriting packages this month, the first being a tailored ‘Nurture Sequence’. These are emails aimed at welcoming your new subscribers and introducing them to your world, your brand and your unique services/products. The aim is to build know, like and trust and introduce them to a low priced offer so they can experience you first hand.

The second package is ‘How To Create Headlines That Work’

Drop me a line if you would like to know more.

That's it for this week!

I wish you prosperity, creativity, laugh out loud moments, deep appreciation, resilience, and protection during these days.
May love, and healing surround you.
May your families and friends be safe and well.

As always, the coffee and a chat offer is available, I am only an email away.

I hope you have a week blessed with opened hearted compassion, high vibes, joy filled days, amazing health, prosperity, grace and ease!


Heather V Masters

Chief Coach, Writer, Trainer and Facilitator of Magic

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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