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Sunday Newsletter - The Power of Your Inner Circle (7th July 2024)

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Happy Sunday! And Happy July!
I hope I find you taking time out and appreciating a good cup of something.

I have just freshened my coffee (3rd one of the day) and am literally buzzing to share some gems with you today.

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It’s been a busy week for the UK with elections and football and rubbish weather – none of which I am writing about today.

What Has been My Lesson of the Week That Might Help You?

Here are the powerful lessons and ‘Life hacks’ that I have been lucky enough to learn this week.

1 – Life Lesson – Letting Go and Getting Clear

2 – Business Boost – The Power of Your Inner Circle – "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Jim Rohn

“Where Your Focus Goes Energy Flows”.

Keeping Myself Stuck by Holding on Too Tight.

This week my lesson from the Universe has been a reminder about letting go.

There have been many occasions in my life where I’ve had to let go when on some deep level I didn’t want to. Any parent will know that there comes a point where you have to acknowledge you are no longer responsible for your ‘grown person’ and it’s up to them to take their own journey.
It can be a challenge to let go and allow them to learn and grow and make their own mistakes and successes. Yet that’s all part of life.

This week I found myself stressed and anxious. This has actually been present for a few weeks and it’s been impacting my work, my level of happiness and my life.

I have learned that if I’m stressed and anxious then I am holding on to an expectation or outcome (or thing) and things are changing. Therefore, it’s time to assess why I’m holding on so tight? Plus, what am I having to believe about this thing to make me so stressed?

Have you ever had a similar experience?

Holding on and being attached can really prevent us from seeing new possibilities and opportunities. And if the universe has a plan for and we are resisting, it could get pretty uncomfortable.
That’s where I found myself this weekend.

I am happy that I have uncovered the many areas where I have become ‘comfortable’ and am holding on to that space, while change beckons.
Now I can make choices and decisions from a space of flow.

There are still things I am holding on to and need to work on, and I still have the mind chatter reminding me of my irrational fear. I know that I can be ‘frozen’ into inaction if I don’t become aware and let go.
I recognise that change can’t happen until you change something, and that includes what you are attached to and resisting. 

Does this resonate? Where are you holding on too tight?

How do you let go?

Practicing letting go can be incorporated into your daily routine in several simple yet effective ways:

1. Start your day with a brief meditation: Take a few minutes each morning to sit quietly and focus on your breath. As thoughts arise, acknowledge them without judgment and let them go, returning your attention to your breath. This sets a tone of mindfulness for the day.

2. Use physical cues as reminders: Choose a common action in your day, like opening a door or checking your phone, as a trigger to pause and release any tension you're holding. Take a deep breath and consciously relax your muscles.

3. Practice acceptance: When faced with frustrating situations, try saying to yourself, "It is what it is." This simple phrase can help you accept things you can't control and let go of the need to change them.

4. End your day with a "letting go" ritual: Before bed, take a few moments to reflect on your day. Identify any lingering stress or worries, and visualize yourself releasing them. You might imagine them floating away on clouds or dissolving into the air.

5. Incorporate body scans: Throughout the day, take brief moments to scan your body for tension. When you notice tightness, especially in your shoulders, jaw, or stomach, consciously relax those areas.

6. Practice gratitude: Each day, note three things you're grateful for. This shifts your focus from what's bothering you to what's going well, making it easier to let go of negative thoughts.

7. Use physical activities: Engage in activities that naturally promote letting go, like yoga, tai chi, or even just stretching. These practices combine physical movement with mindfulness, helping you release both physical and mental tension.

Remember, letting go is a skill that improves with practice. By incorporating these simple techniques into your daily routine, you can gradually develop a more relaxed and open mindset, making it easier to let go of stress, worries, and things beyond your control

What are you clinging on to that’s ready to release itself from your life – take an inward look at the things you are worried about?

Let’s continue with the ‘holding on’ for this week’s Business Boost.




This Weeks Business Boost

The Power of Your Inner Circle – "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Jim Rohn

Part of my awareness around attachments is that I have become very comfortable ‘going it alone’. This is no longer working well for me and it’s caused me to reflect on Jim’s statement.

I’ve mentioned in a previous update, that I have begun following Grant Cardone. His mantra is that people make collaborations and sign contracts. The power of your network and who you work with is key to this. As are the people you spend time with socially.

Take a quick audit.

Take a few minutes to list out the names of the five people you spend most time with and notice how well you are doing toward your dreams. Is there a link do you feel?

It was a bit of a revelation for me.
It’s weird because I know this stuff. It feels like I really have got caught in my comfort zone ( especially as it’s usually me, myself and hanging out).
I also noticed the folks I follow regarding business and investments have opposing attitudes around money. And I wonder why I am confused?

Are there any areas in your life where you can relate and contemplate making a change?

I am taking an audit myself and consciously choosing where and with whom (physically and online) I spend my time with over the next 90 days. I want to see if it really does make a difference.  I’ll update you with the results.

Here’ the info on the Power of Your Inner Circle and Your Business Success…

The Power of Your Inner Circle

The people closest to you have a profound impact on your mindset, motivation, and decision-making.

They can:

· Inspire you to reach new heights

· Provide valuable insights and feedback

· Offer emotional support during challenging times

· Connect you with new opportunities

· Challenge your ideas and help you grow

Tips for Solo Entrepreneurs

If you're a solo entrepreneur who spends most of your time isolated, don't worry. Here are some strategies to build a strong network and surround yourself with the right people:

· Join online communities: Participate in forums, social media groups, or platforms like LinkedIn to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

· Attend virtual events: Webinars, online conferences, and digital meetups are great opportunities to network and learn from others in your field.

· Seek out a mentor: Find someone experienced in your industry who can guide you and provide valuable insights.

· Create a mastermind group: Form a small group of peers who meet regularly to discuss goals, challenges, and strategies.

· Collaborate with others: Look for opportunities to partner with complementary businesses or freelancers on projects.

· Engage with your audience: Your customers and followers can be a great source of inspiration and feedback.

· Invest in personal development: Read books, listen to podcasts, or take courses from successful entrepreneurs to "spend time" with them indirectly. Hire a coach (you have my email).

Remember, quality trumps quantity. It's not about having a large network, but rather cultivating relationships with individuals who inspire, challenge, and support you in your entrepreneurial journey. Try to make sure most of your inner circle are a couple of steps ahead of you so that you can use them to model your next level success.

By consciously curating your inner circle and seeking out positive influences, you'll be setting yourself up for greater success in your business and your life.

Regularly reassess your network to ensure it continues to support your business goals and personal growth’.

Choosing Happy Podcast Update

A reminder that the podcast is now published on Thursday mornings so that I’m not clashing with lives and other content.

It’s the 72nd Episode of the Choosing Happy Podcast this week, and you can access it on Thursday 11th July 2024 – This week’s episode is all about - Mastering Loss: 3 Processes To Help in Times of Despair

All previous episodes are available…
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That's it for this week!

I wish you clarity, deep understanding, summer sunshine, magical memories, laugh out loud moments, courage, resilience, and protection during these days.
May love, and healing surround you.
May your family and friends be safe and well.

As always, the coffee and a chat offer is available, I am only an email away.

I hope you have a week warmth, connection, friendship, opened hearted compassion, high vibes, joy filled days, amazing health, prosperity, grace and ease!


Heather V Masters

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